Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another poem

Every minute, of every day
So many things I want to say
But time gets in the way
& It’s my heart that has to pay
Cause where I’m standing now
I don’t know where to go
Maybe some things in this life
I’m just not meant to know
I’m standing on the edge
The water’s getting deep
Maybe I’ll make it alright
If I just take the leap
Cause my mind is telling my heart,
“Baby it’s time you let this go..”
I’ll never leave where I am
If I keep telling myself so
Cause the waves may crash against me
And the waters may be cold
But unhappy is no way to be
It’s no way to grow old
And I’ll never be anything different
If I don’t decide to be
Time to dive in head first,
And set my soul free.

Holly Lee


Deanna said...

Very heart-filled poem, Holly! I wish you all good things and most importantly, happiness:D

Anonymous said...

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See you,