Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to lose a hell date in 10 minutes

So, this is just a little follow-up, from the last post here. I thought that I had gotten rid of the hell date guy, went about a week without hearing a thing, but apparently not. So, I took action. One of my good guy friends, Jason, suggested to me that I would have to 'get a little bitchy with it' in order to let my point hit home. With just a few short texts, and my best bitchy foot forward, I do believe I have succeeded. I don't really like being mean, but I'm not about to keep being nice & giving the wrong impression, just a waste of time.

So.. a text comes through the phone..

Hell Date: Hey whatcha doing up this late?
Me: How do you know I'm up?
Hell Date: I saw you online when I was checking my messages, lol.
Me: Okay.
Hell Date: So do you miss me? lol.
Me: No. I miss Mike, actually.
Hell Date: Oh,Ok..................
Me: Yeah.
Hell Date: Well I guess i'll say goodbye then, I'm glad you found somebody, tell bitty I said hi.
Me: Awesome. Bye.
Hell Date: Wow! I guess you really didn't like me, huh?
Me: I thought I had made that pretty clear.
Hell Date: Sorry I wasn't good enough
Me: Guilt trips don't work on me, don't go there.

& that was that. so hopefully now, I won't hear anything else outta this guy. Maybe I laid the bitchiness on a little thick, but damn, he didn't seem to comprehend it any other way.

That is all. Goodnight.


Mike said...

Wow. Who's this Mike guy? He's one lucky dude. =]

Ah well. Sometimes you have to lay it on thick for the idiots to get it.