Saturday, January 24, 2009

I got tagged!!

Okay, I was tagged by my friend, you can find her here:
I'm supposed to list 8 random things about myself, so I'll try to make this interesting!
1. I drive a yellow 2000 VW beetle. =)
2. I'm going to school to be a psychologist.
3. I'm dating someone who is 26 years my senior (but I love him to pieces!!)
4. My biggest passion is probably my poetry.
5. I walked to wal-mart when I was 10, and the cops picked me up. Lol!
6. The first poem I ever wrote (I was 10) was published.
7. I have a 4 year old chihuahua named Bitty. He's like my son, he's sitting beside me right now.
8. I handmake 'mature' items, the kind you'd give as a gag gift or see at a bachelor/bachelorette party.
Hope that wasn't too boring!
I'm off to leave comments on who I'm tagging =)


Caroline D. said...

cool! You got it fixed!