Monday, January 26, 2009

Sad & confused..

So, I work in a factory that makes automotive sealing. I was laid off temporarily for a month, and today was supposed to be my first day back. We had a meeting as soon as we got there, and basically, they are going to let go of 100 more people. That's 1/5 of the factory, and there are going to be more layoffs if the economy doesn't pick up ( and it's looking pretty bleak.)
Well, there are several different platforms at work. Once the meeting was over - Ford, Honda & 180L all went back to work. I work in 500N, and we were told to stay after because 'we had to talk a little bit.'
They then told us that while we were laid off, the number of product they needed from us got even lower. They said they didn't have any work for us, and we would be laid off for the rest of this week.
This layoff starts with people that were hired March of 07 & after. I was hired February 27th, 2007. Barely missing the layoff. (which tells me I'll get hit next time) The severance pay this time is $1000 less than it was in november, when they let go of 56 employees. Also, if we stay, we are not guaranteed 40 hours a week. As a matter of fact, the 1st shift has only been working about 3 days a week. Meaning, I'd make more drawing unemployment than I would working.
Also, if i choose the layoff, I will get school paid for for 2 years. I will also get unemployment while I'm a fulltime student, and I'm currently a fulltime student now.
I'm afraid that if I stay, they will try to move me to 1st shift, as they have done this with people already. I cannot work 1st shift because I have classes, that I can't get my money back for, and I won't drop out of school for a factory. I'm also afraid that if I stay, I'll indefinently be hit by the next layoff, and may not recieve any severance pay. Or be fired when I refuse to go to 1st shift.
My question is, what would YOU do? I've got to make a decision on this by noon on wednesday, and I know I'll be taking a chance either way.
Leaving - I get $500, a week's worth of pay & draw unemployment ($722 every 2 weeks)
Staying - I might get laid off soon anyway, and won't be working my 40 hours.


J-Mi said...

The main thing that caught my attention in the explanation of your situation is that you would get school paid for for 2 years with the layoff. As hard as the idea seems, I would take the layoff. To me, it would be better to go ahead and walk into it willingly than have to deal with it later when you don't have the choice, and you might get more out of leaving now than you would later (like happened with the last batch)

Good luck in whatever decision you make, I know it can't be easy!

Plaidfuzz said...

I don't know your financial situation, but you would make just as much leaving as many do working full time and supporting a family.

Light and Writing said...

Wow! What a sistuation. I would have to agree with the others. I would take the layoff. It seems to me your situation would not improve staying. I came to comment on the curling up thing but thats silly now. Yeas, this is what I would decide to do. Good Luck!

Traveling Painter said...

I saw this on Twitter... I can relate, was laid off last Sept from my job, and was given a weekend's notice and 1 weeks pay with nothing else. It was terrifying and I wiped out savings while looking for a new job. It looks like you have a pretty great situation - are making actually very decent money on unemployment & getting free schooling (I'd call that a win!) Go for schooling! They say a recession is the best time to go back to school :-) Good luck to you, I know this is big stuff!