Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So ready to MOVE!!!

Oh boy, yesterday was a doozie. I came home from running errands, and all of that good stuff around 4 o' clock. Only to find out that the power was cut off. My dad & the landlord aren't on the best of terms, so I assumed she called and had it cut off. My boyfriend came over & we tried to figure out what we'd do for the night. So I called my dad, and he got ahold of the electric company. They charge $75 to turn the power on after hours. He told them to go ahead and come out here, so my boyfriend and I waited on the porch for them to show up.
Once they got here, we found out what really happened. The electrician tells me that the meter was never turned off, and told us to check the breaker. It's in a utility room attached to the back of the house. That's when we saw the main disconnect had been pulled out!!! At that point, I'm furious. I knew the landlord came over here and did that, and she was the last person I wanted to see at that point. So the electrician leaves..
And guess who shows up then? Yes, the landlord. My boyfriend answered the door and she asked for me to come outside.
Landlord: Do you know why your power is shut off?
Me: No, I don't.
Landlord: Your daddy owes me $550 (rent, it's only 4 days late)
Me: Okay, I didn't know that.
Landlord: You didn't know?
Me: No, he didn't tell me that, he doesn't fill me in.
Landlord: Well you all need to find somewhere else to go.
Me: I'm moving out in 11 days.
Landlord: And you'll do without power for 11 days, too.
At this point, I was ready to slap the bitch. But i just said "I've got to get away from you." and I walked back into the house. My hands were shaking, I wanted to hit her *so* bad. She came over here with an attitude, and I don't appreciate her going into our building, that had little "lock" on it.
At that point, my boyfriend stayed out there and talked to her. It went something like this..
Boyfriend: You're not doing anything but hurting her. She was working fulltime, she works her ass off to take care of herself. She's getting ready to leave here.
Landlord: Well if she's working fulltime why can't she pay it herself?
Boyfriend: Because she's paying to put herself through school, that's why.
Landlord: If I was strong enough I would have cut the water off, too.
Boyfriend: I work with alot of real estate, and you cannot do that. Legally, you cannot come in and pull the fuses out like that. It has to be done legally, and you have to give them some type of notice.
Landlord: And who are you?
Boyfriend: I'm her boyfriend.
Landlord : Well she needs to get her shit out of here.
Boyfriend: She is as soon as she can.
Landlord: and her dad needs to get all these pieces of shit out of here, too. (referring to his cars)
I'm not sure what all was said, basically he put her in her place and let her know that she can't do things the way she's doing them. She got mad because she knew he was right, and she left. So then we called the police. They came over and talked to us, told us what we needed to do and everything. I had just bought groceries that were going bad in the fridge, etc.
So today me & my dad went and found a part to replace what she took, was only $25 and now I have power! We put a lock on the utility room, on the fence for the backyard, and there is also a no trespassing sign up. So if she comes and takes that one out, that we bought with our own money, not only is it breaking & entering, but it's theft.
The police officer also told us that we can settle this in civil court, he said we have a good case. So my dad & I will probably go and talk to the district attorney in the morning. I saved receipts from where I had to eat out because I didn't have power to make anything, and I have my grocery receipts, too. And if she comes back tonight, or any night that I'm here for the next 10 days until I move, I'm answering the door with my tazer in hand. I'll see how much she wants to get in my face and talk to me like i'm trash then. She was in the wrong in all of this, and it's gonna be taken care of.


gush4plush said...

Oh man! I think I would have punched her! She is just trying to have some sort of control in the remaining days that you are there.

Sounds like you guys handled it well in the end. Good for you!

Happy moving!

Kim and Joe Armstrong AKA-VintageCreations4u said...

OMG! Take it from someone who has been there and done that.Trust me, I am now a grandma..LOL. 1 of my 4 daughters made me a young grandma..39 yr old grandma..lol..anyway. go to your local magistrate court. She broke so many laws that it ain't even funny. Good luck to ya honey and don't worry this is just a bump in the road of life.

Once when my husband and I were young, the electric compnay came to turn off my power. Well one of my daughters was only a small baby at the time and I told him if he tried to shut off my electric in the winter and make my baby cold that I would hit his ass in the head with a crowbar I had in my hand and his ass would go into a big hole in my yard my landlord was digging. We laugh about it now, years later and you will too. You have the law on your side in this one so use it and get that nasty bitch! Ok, I am finished now..LOL. Hang in there.

Kim and Joe Armstrong AKA-VintageCreations4u said...

Hello again..I am also following your blog.

Estela said...

Good job in keeping your cool!
You're almost out of there!!

soapdeli said...

Oh my gosh. She was absolutely out of place. I'd definitely take her to court. That was so wrong. Sorry you're having to deal with all of this.

I know where I leave you have a 5 day grace period on all bills and it's illegal to cut off someone's power like that.

Big hugs. Not much longer and you'll be a happy camper!

FutureOfPlenty said...

She has no clue, Sweetheart! Sound like you are on the right track to have everything taken care of though. You are a great person to have been able to keep your cool through all of that! I never could have! That's for sure! Good luck!